Moving Outdoors

April, 2022


Captain Blacktop (near the corner of DeMun & Northwood, 63108)


Check email for notices when weather is variable.

  1. Outdoors when the previous night's prediction is 48 degrees or higher

  2. Zoom when the previous night's prediction for rain is 70% or higher

What if I’m an out-of-town Early Bird taking the class on Zoom?

Sadly, no wifi outdoors means no zoom. BUT…

  1. I'll keep you on the email list: if rain or unduly cold is predicted, drop in! 

  2. Try out the new zoom-based M/W class. It's only 15 mins! 

  3. There’s always personal training if you have a way to show up via Zoom for 30-45 mins during your work day –close & lock your office door? Get a sitter for an hour? There are always ways!