Get Back In Shape!

Be a part of my seniors' fitness class to get back in shape. I have designed specific exercises for seniors suitable for their age to help them acquire a more healthy body. Regular physical activity will help you stay away from all diseases and bodily issues so that you can age beautifully. Depending on your body requirements and ability, I have crafted exercises that will be suitable for your age.

Core Strengthening For Seniors

Core strengthening for seniors so that they do not lose their balance and posture. It becomes more important as you age to keep you from falling or landing up with back pains. Your core is like a frame that holds the rest of your body. With age, this frame starts to weaken. It is only through core strengthening exercises that you will be able to strengthen it so that it can hold your whole body together. To save yourself from a crooked walk, sign up for my seniors fitness class so that you continue to flaunt your amazing body and wear your favorite dresses!

There are women who have been with me from the beginning. You can join them and become a part of Saaba Fit to live an amazingly healthy life!