Your Post-Pregnancy Body Needs Special Care

You can not follow the same fitness regime as you did pre-pregnancy. You need to allow your body to rehab properly. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different. Therefore I have a postnatal fitness program designed according to your body requirement.
Welcome motherhood with a changed mind and body. Embrace the changes and be patient while you tread the path back to your pre-pregnancy body. Motherhood is the without a doubt the most difficult job in the world. Every mother deserves to feel healthy and look confident in her body. Maintaining a fitness routine pre, post, and even during pregnancy helps in healthier delivery and quicker postpartum recovery. With Saaba fit, you will be able to achieve all that as well as enjoy motherhood without being insecure about your looks.
The postnatal fitness exercises focus on healing and strengthening your pelvic floor and helping in diastasis recovery. Just as your body changes with phase of pregnancy, so will your workout regime until your body completely heals. I will recommend you the appropriate diet so that together with the workout and nutrition you transform your body in a healthy manner.
Join my postnatal fitness program to get in shape safely!