From $1K to $100K

It's a new year folks. And all the world's ails aside (did somebody say COVID and its atomic ripple-effects on humanity? Or, Good Gracious, what about the political/economic catastrophe brewing in Ethiopia?). Yep. That stuff. (Nevermind the even-closer-to-home horror stories like my dad's passing last November that left me gutted in the corner with my liver in a dog's gizzard. Ok. I know. Dogs don't have gizzards. But the idea paints an appropriately sad, grizzly picture).

Anyway, all that bad stuff aside, I thought I'd exercise my sizable privilege to tune it all out and do some (maybe defensible) navel-gazing. (Check out this amazing image from the 1921 German publication, "High Fashion"!).

So I was dreaming about how independent and legit and amazing I would feel if I earned $100K. (Common, ya'll. I've been an artist and/or a teacher all my life). With this in my head, I switched on my guru-self-help-lady, Brooke Castillo from the good old Self-Coaching Scholars podcast and was implored to set an "impossible goal" for 2021. The idea is to short-circuit the brain's default don't-even-try-because-you-will-definitely-fail response by picking something so outlandish that you'll most likely fail. That way, you have nothing to loose by trying, because you already know you problably won't make it. But you have to actually go for it like you COULD make it.

Wait, what was that? Why did she say to try? What are you supposed to gain by setting out to fail?

It's a fair question, for real.

Brooke says you're supposed to learn how to get there eventually by analyzing & learning from all the risk-taking and failing that you signed up for while trying.

But watch out. She offers a few caveats too, the main one being exactly opposite my navel gazing fantasy: there is no greener grass ANYWHERE. Period.

Whether you're on this side of your goal or that one, no matter what the goal is, the grass is the same damn grass (because YOU'RE the common denominator, after all).

So don't be in a hurry. If you don't get there this year, the stuff you learned while falling on your face will undoubtedly get you farther than if you stayed safely upright all year long.

Oh dang. I'm not supposed to believe $100K will make me happier. (Sure seems like it would). But on deeper reflection, there are other, bigger reasons to do it: IF I DID, IT WOULD MEAN I HELPED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE TO FEEL BETTER, STRONGER, MORE ENERGIZED, MORE CONFIDENT, TO LITERALLY BE MORE POWERFUL. Ultimately, that's why I'm doing this! Because I love feeling strong, and I want to share the feeling, and I CAN! It's not THAT crazy, right? There's some wisdom in it. So I sat down and picked my impossible goal...Here's how it reads:

I will generate $100k from my own business, post taxes, by Dec 31, 2021, and I'll know I succeeded when I see it on my tax returns.

AND...AND, I will do it knowing - believing - that what's in it for me is NOT that my life will be happier & my grass will be greener (you know I'll still complain about the same old stuff), but rather, what's in it for me is the satisfaction of personal growth and the pleasure of knowing I helped people.

Wanna read along weekly for the ride? If I fall on my ass, nothing lost (and I give you permission to shake your head); but if I succeed...IF I SUCCEED? Well then that means there are a lot of people out there who feel better,

AND it means you can reach your impossible goal too, and doggone it, you better step to it, because since my dad died, it's never been clearer to me that NOW is the time to do anything you dream of, since it's all fleeting and you might never get another chance!

One configuration of clients that would get me 1/4 of the way to my goal is10 groups of 10 paying clients in my RAPT I Core Strengthening Program. That could be the Q1 goal. That would be 100 people with stronger cores & all the concomitant benefits! Here are the eight big, measurable, public actions I'm going to take in January:

  1. Start a weekly blog charting my journey (this is for accountability --think I can actually do it EVERY week? Where's that "yikes" emoji when I need it?!)

  2. Create a brochure & ask my doctor friends & other relevant vendors to refer their clients

  3. Figure out what the hell a Facebook funnel is & create one

  4. Place 5 Ads on Instagram & Facebook & Nextdoor

  5. Find a mentor (Qualified candidate? Speak up! You must have made $100K from your own business, and you have to be super wise and dreamy in all ways!)

  6. Create an advisory board & cook an exquisite meal (served safely and decadently in my garage, somehow) once per quarter to compensate them for helping me strategize.

  7. Write a monthly newsletter (A newsletter AND a blog? Is that overkill?)

  8. Incentivize referrals from current clients with a goal of getting 5 new paying clients in January.

Stay tuned...I'll let you know how all that pans out. Stay strong and healthy!


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