Offering You The Safest Diastasis Recovery Program

The elasticity of your abdominal muscles stretches during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby. The Linea alba made of collagen is comparatively less elastic and can tighten up during pregnancy. In some instances, it thins out to the point of separation, creating an undesirable gap between the two.
It gives you a postpartum tummy that looks undesirable and does not go away. It can also lead other health issues if it interferes with the functioning of your abdominal canister. Apart from pregnancy, improper exercise too can result in it.
At Saaba Fit, I can help you with diastasis recovery along with helping you in core strengthening and decreasing back pain. The effective fitness program that will fit into your busy motherhood schedule will help you get in shape and be safe from later bodily issues. The streamlined workouts will keep you safe and require nothing more than 10-30 minutes of your day!
Get an individualized diastasis recovery program that is the safest and non-invasive way to get rid of the loosely hanging tummy and protect yourself from reduced physical movement in later stages of life.