15 for $5 - The no-brainer mini workout for my short-on-time sisters:

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April, 2022


​If you have said to yourself, I only have 15 minutes; it’s not worth working out, this class is for YOU.

  • Some exercise is better than none, and a growing body of research suggests 15 mins of intense, all-in effort can be at least as beneficial as 45 mins of steady state, medium-level effort –in some cases, even more beneficial. 

  • This April, I’m experimentally adding a M/W 15-min high intensity class (with modifications if you don’t relish jumping) for just $5 a pop. If it’s popular, I’ll keep it.

What’ll it be like?

  • 3-min active warm up of all joints & major muscles

  • 7 one-minute, compound exercises (targeting multiple muscle groups & joints in a single exercise) with a 25-second rest between each. Examples:

    • Dumbbell lunge twist to work the lower body, the core, and the shoulders

    • Mountain climbers with dumbbell shoulder squeeze to work lower body, core, shoulders, back, and cardiovascular system.

    • Sumo squat with bicep curl to bent-over tricep-press to work lower and upper body.

  • 2-min flexibility/stretching/cool down


Consistently taking this class alone can yield the following overarching benefits: 

  • -increased cardiovascular capacity 

  • -decreased anxiety & depression

  • -boosted cognitive performance

  • -improved overall strength & coordination

Strategically pairing it with other activities can help you reach more specific goals:

  • For weight loss, combine it with a second 15-min activity later in your day. 

  • For increased endurance, combine with same-day or alternating day steady activities like cardio-walks, runs, or swims. 

  • For improved mental health, and/or improved strength & coordination, pair with alternating active-recovery days, when you go out and take a gentle 30 - 60 min walk.

  • For getting back into a fitness routine after a long break, put some skin in the game: purchase all 19 classes upfront to create a commitment –after all, they’re only $5 each!​