What's it Actually Like?

April, 2022

What are my personal training sessions like?


They’re currently 100% zoom-based, so show up from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a device with a screen.

How we get started: 

We have a 20-60 min free consultation in which you tell me all the things that feel relevant!

What next? 

Then we both take a few days to decide if we want to work together, after which point, if we say yay, I give you some paperwork to fill out, and we agree on a start date and regular schedule.

What are the actual workouts like? 

  • Though the workouts you’ll do are always geared toward your personal goals, they’re also always a little different: I modulate what I ask of you each session based on how you’re feeling that day (both emotionally and physically), what I’m seeing during the warm up, and any other feedback you give me.

  • I’ll model the exercises, explain their purpose, and tell you the number of repetitions, sets, and/or times; then I’ll watch you closely as you do them, giving you feedback on form. 

What equipment will I need?

  • It’s helpful if you have a pair of light dumbbells (2-10lbs), but if you have zero equipment, that’s perfectly fine –we’ll use your body weight or a couple cans of beans from the cupboard!

How will you help me actually make gains?

  • I’ll encourage you to push against your physical and cardiovascular thresholds when I can see that you are able, even if you don’t think you are –but you’ll always have the ultimate say.  

  • Pushing against these thresholds regularly is the way you make gains. It’s just that simple.

What if I can’t do what you’re asking? 

  • Because I’m a human being (versus an app), I will build a relationship with you, and if I see you flagging, I will often know whether it’s because of something going on in your life or because of a physical setback, and if I don’t know, I’ll ask you about it. Sometimes you haven’t slept or eaten well; sometimes you’ve had a big night; sometimes you’re a bit under the weather or you’re dehydrated. The reason for the flagging will determine whether I push you harder because I can see that it’s mind-over-matter, or pull back because I know it’s not safe or healthy to keep going in the moment ––or tell you we’re taking the day off because I can see that your body simply needs rest. 

How often do we meet? 

  • One, two, or three times per week –it’s flexible, never set in stone.

  • We may work together for a short period of time or years –all to be determined by the two of us as a team!