My Typical Clients

April, 2022

I've worked with women in their 40s and women seeking post-natal recovery training, but my certification specialty population are "Active Agers" 

Although the “Active Agers'' category includes anyone over 45 planning to stay (or get) healthy and fit as they age, I generally work with retired women who...

  1. Are able to get down to the floor without assistance from another person (even if it doesn’t feel graceful!), and 

  2. Who have the basic goal of staying physically independent into old age. This includes...

    • Maintaining / improving balance

    • Adding lean muscle / Slowing its loss 

    • Maintaining / reaching a healthy weight

    • Decreasing breathlessness during daily activities

    • Increasing independent mobility on stairs, in and out of cars, getting up and down from the floor, and standing from a seated position.