Why the New Name?

April, 2022

Starting this April, RAPT Maintenance will be called RAPT For Life. 

Why the shift? Well, for one thing, I like the homophones "RAPT" and "Wrapped," along with the fitting visual: it's a core strengthening class, so you'll be "wrapped" around your torso with strong muscles! 

But all that aside, the real reason is because I’ve streamlined RAPT sections 1-3 into a single, 4-week class designed to prepare new participants for the ultimate RAPT practice that is not a "maintenance" class as much as it is an ongoing, lifelong practice with all the ebbs and flows of any psycho-physical endeavor: you try and fail; learn and grow; show up and face time conflicts; have sparks of understanding followed by clouds of uncertainty –all with the aim of regular effort, on balance. 

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