Join a Saaba-Fit course and…

 → Feel calmer, stronger, and more capable

 → Increase your energy, mental clarity, decisiveness

 → Generate more independence, self-efficacy, confidence

 → Broaden/leverage ​community, accountability, commitment 


There’s really no downside to this investment. 


About Saaba
Buddenhagen Lutzeler

Soft Mama to Saaba-Fit

Once upon a time, there was this regular (kinda soft) sister --a tired, under-employed, creative, at-loose-ends, stay-at-home mom of two, the littlest of whom was 3 years old. 

Sister-girl kept missing her 9am fitness class at the community center. How can I make sure I never miss this damn class anymore? she fretted. And then an idea was born: if I were the instructor, I'd never miss it! 

That was me, in 2012.

I signed up for a certification program, got my CPR training, bought some insurance, and asked the managers at the community center if I could teach a class there. 

Why yes, they said! We've been looking for someone to teach our 6AM total-body class!  


Nevertheless, I put my head down, rolled up my sleeves (and out of bed!), made some flyers, taught myself how to keep-count and lead a class (that was harrowing), and never looked back! 

It's been the best thing I've ever committed to. I am stronger and more confident today than ever before, I have become a productive morning person (for real), and I created a community of awesome women who have stuck with me since the very beginning. 

Join us for an early-bird workout, for one-on-one or small group core training (RAPT), or sign up for a personal training/weight loss consult.  

Afterward, you'll never wish you'd stayed in bed --I promise.


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Mission: To empower women through functional fitness & strength training


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